Beacuse of Taiwan 's top ten constuction, agricultural economy is going to turn into business economy. However, Yuan Yu Zhuo, a man who grew up at the middle of Taiwan in Tajia had different view of social development at that time. Mr.Zhuo, who came from countryside always has strong emotions which linking to the livestock husbandry. In 1973, he determined to become animal medicine agents and established Xin Yu Proprietorship, which is Super Qin Group used to call. Xin Yu Proprietorship franchise Yong Yu Proprietorship used Ciba-Geigy, 依頓, Cyanamid Taiwan pharmaceutical factory, etc, to enhance the quality of livestock husbandry's pratice. And also because Mr.Zhuo has been working with the livestock husbandry for a long time, he received the complaint of sales difficulty from the farmers deeply. Therefore, he established Taiwan Province, Taoyuan broiler distribution cooperatives as chairman of the board and determined to the development of livestock husbandry. Meanwhile, in 1981, he is elected as executive director and electrocution supervisor of Poultry Association Republic Of China, and built up the brand-new production line and marketing cooperation chain.
In 1966, Taiwan introduced the advanced poultry processing industry from Europe and America. This industry is not only enhancing the meat quality but also having more humane consideration. On the other hand, livestock industry still can not follow up the technology equipment. In1986, Yuan Yu Zhuo then the President was encouraged by Council Of Agriculture, sent to Japan to inspect the advanced automated slaughtering equipment. Meanwhile, in June 1986, Super Qin Group was established and also established the first poultry slaugherhouse that was approved by the Government. This made the regional poultry business become professionalized and technological agricultural economy, synchronization develop with international poultry industry.

Super Qin Group is upstream manufacturers of the My Warm Day, which was established in 1987. Due to the operating difficulties in 1993, they proposed the merger and acquisition with Super Qin Group in order to pay off the debt on their own initiative. Therefore, Super Qin Group becomed the franchise business and was renamed Super Qin Enterprise co., ltd. At the same time, Super Qin Group strived to work on its multi-brand strategy development in order to become one of the top companies in the food industry and to make Super Qin Group’s consumers more confident on its poultry and franchise business. We believe that persistence is the key to success. Thus, Super Qin Group persist in every single detail. After several years' great effort, we gain the certification of CAS, HACCP, ISO, etc. Furthermore, we receive the National Brand Yushan Award in 2013, and maintain the honor of excellent franchising headquarters. Super Qin Group accumulates the 30 years' strength of development, we start to prepare the international development and invite the chairman of Taiwan Graphic Design Associaiton, Jia Zhang Yang, to support the new brand recognition for us. Afterwards, My Warm Day has a brand-new appearance and store atmosphere. Moreover, My Warm Day build up a dark green color to be the company's main color, particularly to meet the hope of the young entrepreneurs. And it is certain that Cafe&Brunch is the most potential pioneer catering service industry. At present, MWD has expanded through China and Southeast Asia and looking forward to be the most popular catering brand in the future.