Golden Ten Year 、Wisdom inheritance、Resouecefulness、Do thing thoroughly

Annual motto is every group members' working guideline, whether Super Qin or Young Qin, setting all kinds of challengimg goals, the annual sixteen words' motto is like the spotlight guiding us foward. Moreover, our chairman, Yuan Yu Zhou, expects each of our supervisor can use their specialty and skilled experience to teach our staffs. Furthermore, they will treasure and take good use of the common resource. Then, everyone can do thing thoroughly and reach our golden ten year goal as well.

Group development

"Make Perfect food and Use Real food" is Super Qin group's mission. We have served more than half million customers each day in the past thirty years. Moreover, Super Qin group's meat processing pioneered the poultry industry's production and marketing structure. Also, it opened the new history page of chicken sales chain. In addition, the developement of the brand, My Warm Day, creates the new brunch culture, bring the new value of living successfully.