Chairman, Yuan Yu Zhou, was born at the village of Taichung,Tagia. He distributed the CHLORTETRACYCLINE CAL. COMPLEX;PROCAINE PENICILLIN G;SULFATHIAZOLE by Cyanamid Taiwan Corportaion in Taoyuan as his foundation of entrepreneurship when he was young. And from 1976 to 1981,it was the started period of Taiwan poultry industry. However, because of the production and marketing construction's problem, lead to the chicken's price to go up and down. At that time, as a supervisor of Poultry Association Republic of China and Taoyuan poultry marketing cooperation, he had a strong responsibility to this industry. Therefore, by the encouragement of the Council of agriculture's animal husbandry department, Shuang Qing Chi, Yuan Yu Zhou built the first poultry electric slaughtered factory that was authorized by the government. Then, Super Qin Poultry company was built. After that, Super Qin Poultry company turned into Super Qin Enterprise Co., Ltd. Moreover, Super Qin group established "Green Grange" to sell the broiler and mild chicken to supermarket, changing from the manufacturing to brand channel market.