Young Qin International Enterprise Co., Ltd established in August 2015. Then, it was officially separated from the parent company, Super Qin in November same year 2015. Besides, Young Qin keep serving more consumers and dedicated to develop the international plan. Our brands were also developed at Shannxi and Jiangxi in China, and also other countries such as Indonesia and Singapore. Furthermore, southeast countries and China are our international catering target market.

My Warm Day is a well-known catering chain brand in Taiwan. It opened the first store at Dadaocheng in Taipei city in1987. My Warm Day put the Chinese and western culinary culture feature together. Another brand, Fried Chicken Master used the expertise, 30 year of poultry industry, which was the parent company already had, and the My Warm Day's catering chain experience to set up a Taiwanese Fried Chicken brand in 2014. Moreover, Real Bakery combined the European style's baking and pastry skill and Taiwan's local food ingredients together to make the Taiwanese flavor. We wish to make our brands become "the most welecome catering chain brand" over the Chinese world as our group's common vision.