• At the beginning, established electric slaughter house for poultry which set up by the government
  • In 1988, animal products certificated by Certified Agricultural Standards(CAS)
  • Meat supplier of McDonald‘s from 2022 until now, certificated by America AIB Food Safety System and McDonald’s Asia Pacific
  • Accredited by Taiwan Accreditation Foundation(TAF), ISO9001:2000, and HACCP
  • Accredited by Food Safety Institute, ISO 9001:2008、ISO 22000:2005、HACCP
  • Taiwan Training Quality System, Bronze Medal
  • Taiwan Halal Integrity Development Association, Halal Certification  for chicken(white meat)
  • Accreditation Of Sanitation And Safety Control Of Food Businesses, Chao Qin Rou Pin
  • Chicken of Chao Qin Rou Pin(Halal Certification) and popcorn chicken of Green Grange, selected to the ingredients which provide with the Universiades athlete in the village.
  • Agriculture 4.0
    【Smart Poultry System Integration】first level completed
    【The supply and demand of chicken, AI manufacturing 】setup program completed
  • Taoyuan fried chicken cheered up for the athletes of The National Games in 2019.
  • A culinary session of Green Grange in the 2019 Taoyuan LOHAS Food Safety Carnival.Taoyuan City Mayor, Cheng Wen-Tsan opened the 2019 Taoyuan LOHAS Food Safety Carnival, 20 culinary session in four-day event and these really popular.
  • First time, Green Grange’s product sold in convenience stores, and E-commerce market at the same time. Here’s the turning point for Green Grange.
  • The product of Green Grange, chicken thigh and chicken breast slices, selected by Council of Agriculture as the product which were Elder-friendly.
  • Accreditation of ISO 22000:2018、RvA HACCP 5th、ISO 9001:2015
  • Technology transfer with Food Industry Research and Development Institute, meat of poultry without phosphate, texture modification
  • Selected by Council of Agriculture, the Green Grange products for elder-friendly, chicken thigh, Juicy & Tender, minced chicken, chicken essence
  • Certification of HACCP, the first poultry industry in Taiwan
  • Double Clean Label, China Grain Products Research & Development Institute.
    Green Grange, the series of Juicy and Tender, the chicken breast(200g), the original(90g), black pepper(90g), the original(190g), black pepper(190g), the chicken breast(300g).