Easy consume

We committed and devoted to develop the products for all age group which mean easy consuming. We implemented this idea and expect that everyone can enjoy our products.

For a better life, enjoy delicious life within each age group.

Easy consume, the products for all age group which means easy consuming.
Implementing the idea of easy consuming - the product is age-friendly, and it achieved.




We are the first industry in Taiwan. Technology transfer with Food Industry Research and Development Institute, meat of poultry without phosphate, texture modification.

Original cut chicken, the technique of texture degradation, and without phosphate so that it can be much tender and juicy.




Double Clean Label, China Grain Products Research & Development Institute

Additives less than the government’s list, almost 90%.
Raw material must be non-GMO.
Pesticide residues comply with regulations and specifications.



Nutritive, yummy and convenient, and elder-friendly